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Hilltown (or informally, The Hilltown) in Dundee is a mainly residential area to the north of the City Centre and lying to the south of the main circular road, The Kingsway.

In the 2001 census the population was 9,337 The majority of Hilltown housing are three- or four-storey tenement buildings. Also the six large tower blocks which dominate the Dundonian skyline from the south are all in the Hilltown. This is shown in the census which states that flats are the main housing facility in the Hilltown at 82.0%.
The ethnicity of Hilltown is mainly White at 93% and also has a 3% Asian and 1% Chinese population.
Area and boundary description[edit]

Hilltown is a true inner city location. Situated on the edge of the city centre with the Law to the north, the Hilltown area offers excellent views across the River Tay to Fife and beyond. Hilltown is one of the oldest parts of the city and retains a character of its own. This makes it distinctive from other regeneration priority areas in Dundee both physically and demographically. It is an area of Dundee where the effects of the decline of traditional industry have been easily identifiable. The Hilltown was a bustling place of work in the jute industry and provided accessible housing for many of the mill workers but now is mainly a residential area with a central shopping concourse running through the spine. However, these shops are somewhat in decline due to accessibility of new shopping malls within the town centre.

Some of the high-rise blocks are to be demolished and this will give rise to further need for the regeneration of the area. Four of the largest tower blocks (locally known as the ‘Alexander Street Multis’ were demolished in 2011). However, the remaining two multi-storey buildings still remain in the prominence of the Dundee skyline.
Public open spaces and play areas have been provided at various locations across the area. Established over a long period of time these land uses display varying levels of attractiveness. The Hilltown Park was opened in September 2008 as an urban park that will attract local people and visitors to enjoy the open space available.

There are four primary schools in the Hilltown, Our Lady’s RC Primary School, Rosebank Primary School, Dens Road Primary School and St Peter & Paul RC Primary School.
Also the Constitution Road Campus of Dundee College was in the Hilltown.

The stadia of the two professional football teams Dundee FC and Dundee United FC are on the north eastern border of the Hilltown, Dens Park is slightly south of Tannadice Park which is closer to the Stobswell area.


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